Real-time topic wise classification and analysis

Quickly analyse large sets of qualitative data and find actionable insights that can further your business.

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Smart topic identification

SmartReader trains on your data and recommends relevant topics or themes which emerge from your consumers’ voice. It is fully customisable.You can choose and describe the topics as you seem fit, and test your results after each iteration.

Automatic categorisation

SmartReader categorises all verbatim consumer reviews, survey responses, customer support interaction transcripts, emails etc. into topics of your choice.With relevant categories, you can sort through large pieces of text without having to actually go through any of it.

In-depth analysis

With SmartReader you can deep dive into the sentiments of your users and find out what is actually generating satisfaction and dissatisfaction.You can dissect your customers based on how they talk about each topic, and how their voice affects your brand value.

5M +

Rows of text analysed

500 +

Models created

50 +

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartReader?

SmartReader is a qualitative Text- Analysis Tool that you can use to generate deeper insights from open ends. Smart Reader gives you the freedom to classify text into topics and generate sentiment, specific keywords, nouns and adjectives from your text.

Who should use SmartReader?

If you are someone who needs to understand large amount of text from customer feedback, emails, social media posts, customer care transcripts, qualitative surveys etc, this tool is perfect for you.

Why do I need to train my data?

Smart Reader uses Deep Learning to understand the context and domain of your text. To select topics that can exhaustively classify the open-ends, AI needs to first learn from the data. It suggests topics, sub-topics and preforms classification based on this learning.


SmartReader Tutorial

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