IPv4 Vs IPv6 (Advantages and Disadvantages)

We can see the speedy increase of internet customers in previous couple of years and this growth additionally create challenges for internet control companies, stake holders and service carriers. Day by day infrastructure of internet is increasing and we will even revel in the carrier of net in villages and far flung areas. Increased of utilization additionally increase on-line devices. In begin internet protocol addressing (a specific IP addressing for every on line entity) turned into designed on 32 bit and this scheme IP version referred to as IPv4.IPv4 addressing is like Decimal is used to make the IPv4 addresses greater palatable for human beings and a 32-bit deal with turns into four decimal numbers separated by the duration (.) man or woman. If we calculate those decimal values and we are able to get the total number of gadgets may be participate in this protocol (256x256x256x256) = allows for 4,294,967,296 addresses. It is ready four billion of addresses and in early days of internet nobody can think, 4 billion slot might be full. Right here we will discus a few hazards of IPv4 as we’ve seen addressing capability trouble and after that we shall go through the answer which will replace IPv4 and addressing structure of the brand new addressing scheme. We shall go through some risks of ip address v4 and new features of IPv6.

Rapid Growth of the Internet and the Exhaustion of the IPv4 Addressing

IPv4 permits for four,294,967,296 addresses which is about four billion and IP allocation limits the public IP addresses to a few hundred million. Cause of this obstacle companies the usage of NAT (Network Address Translator) to map unmarried public IP to more than one private IP addresses.

IPv4 Security at IP Level

When we communicate at public medium we need to encrypt data to preserve safety and privacy. After a passage of time we’ve got now security for IPv4 packets. This protection is aware of as net protocol protection or IPSec but that is an non-obligatory for IPv4.

Internet Backbone Maintaining Large Routing Tables

In IPv4 network IDs allocation may be very crucial and currently more than 87000 routes inside the routing tables of net spine routers these days. The routing infrastructure is based totally on flat and hierarchical routing.

Quality of Service Concern in IPv4

Now a days internet customers aren’t handiest restricted with browsing and searching statistics. Current users are well aware about textual content and voice and video chat and video conferences and online video libraries. This form of communique want real time facts switch for exceptional of carrier. Normally for those type of services we use UDP (User Data-gram Protocol) or TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).IPv4 TOS subject has constrained capability and, over time, has been redefined and locally interpreted. Additionally, payload identity that uses a TCP or UDP port isn’t viable when the IPv4 packet payload is encrypted.


As we can see we’ve got a few primary troubles in practice of IPv4 now we will take a look at some new functions of IPv6. Right here I like to describe the some of basic features of IPv6. Deployment of IPv6 is a big project for internet control organizations, stake holders and carrier providers. It is difficult however no longer impossible. We can see blessings of IPv6 right here. Biggest upgrade bounce from IPv4 32 bit to IPv6 128 bit.

IPv6 Header Format

New header is designed to reduce header overhead. Via shifting each nonessential and non-obligatory fields to extension headers which are located after the IPv6 header. IPv6 header is extra correctly processed at intermediate routers and that generates efficiency. IPv6 is four time large than IPv4 and its header length is twice than older version.

IPv6 Large Addressing Space

In IPv6 supply and vacation spot addresses is based totally on 128 bit. 128 bit addressing can produce over three.4 x 1038 feasible combos. Currently we are able to say this is enough however who understand about destiny may be it additionally face identical problem like IPv4 after a few a long time. 128 bit addressing permit us a couple of tiers of sub-netting and address allocation. So we will say that we’ve plenty of address to be used in destiny.

Addressing and Routing Infrastructure Efficiency in IPv6

IPv6 designed to create an efficient, hierarchical, and summarize capable routing infrastructure this is based totally at the not unusual incidence of a couple of stages of Internet Service Providers. It lessen the dimensions of routing table of spine routers. Which is can motive of green net experience.

Security functions is now built-in

IPv6 has been layout to help IPsec (AH and ESP header support required) also aid mobility version Mobile IPv6. IPSec based totally on sorts of extension headers and a protocol to barter safety settings. The Authentication header (AH) gives information integrity, information authentication, and replay safety for the whole IPv6 packet. It is better form developers who integrated security features in development of IPv6 alternatively we bolt on later.

Quality of Service (QoS) of IPv6

As we’ve got already visible about the UDP and TCP protocols for streaming and other multimedia services on net. Cause the usage of those services are increasing every day IPv6 have a flow degree area in its header which make better and special managing for packets from source to vacation spot. Data visitors is identified inside the IPv6 header, aid for QoS can be completed even when the packet payload is encrypted with IPSec and ESP.

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