New Book Reveals How We Can Achieve Unity With God

Pacific Northwest evangelist and creator Nathan French is well-known for his prophetic ministry and books, wherein he shares his conversations with God. He has produced his 1/3 ebook, ONE: The Power of Unity, which continues the one’s conversations.

Nathan begins by way of sharing his testimony, which readers of his preceding books, It’s Not Meant to Be a Secret and Rushing the Flood Gates of the bible revealed, could be familiar with. He stocks how in his youngsters he engaged in much less than godly conduct that brought about a suicide strive, how he survived, and the way God commenced to speak with Him.

Nathan has become a grasp at gaining knowledge of listening to the quiet, nevertheless voice of God. However, he additionally knows God wants to talk to all people; we need simplest pay attention. ONE: The Power of Unity, like Nathan’s preceding books, is a model for how such conversations with God may match.

In the book’s introduction, Nathan encourages the reader to speak to God by way of announcing:

“I have desired to build up and inspire all who will pay attention… You were chosen for a specific time in records to gain expertise and know-how to change the sector around you. Spending quiet time with the writer, Himself is my most precious treasure, and I wish it becomes the same for you.”

The book is written in a diary format, providing Nathan’s almost everyday conversations with God from May to December 2012. Each day has a subtitle that speaks to a selected topic or topic. These conversations display how private of a courting God wishes to have with us. In one access, God states:

“You ought to understand by way of now, My humans, that I, the Lord your God, have come to undertaking your faith that it is going to be made robust so that you may be prepared for greatness. Grow in power and sing out from the joy of understanding so you can enter My relaxation. My peace is a result of staying in power. My love needs to be as an explosion of the expression of glory you were meant to participate in.”

While at times God’s phrases are for every person, at other times, he speaks, particularly to Nathan. For example:

“Remember, it is not what you can do for Me, your God-it’s what has already been performed for you. ‘It is completed,’ approach you haven’t turned out to be just a sinner saved via grace but a saint saved using grace. You are a son-NOT an intruder. I welcome you into My royal priesthood!”

Throughout the ebook, God calls to us, emphasizing the relationship he wants with us. “Return to Me, My baby, and I will return to you. Walk-in renewal and input My relaxation; then work from there, consumed by My peace.”

Numerous subjects also are discussed during the ebook. For example, on Mother’s Day, God states: “Every mother is so very precious to Me for each mom changed into chosen to be right here, proper now, to be celebrated. But, without mothers, no longer one could be here. Bless you, My righteous, gracious, loving, princess moms, for all you do and for all you have accomplished. You are top-notch!”

God also gives recommendations and tells us His will. This recommendation is to help us stay better lives with reliance on God and less worry. However, it is also quite realistic. For instance, God tells Nathan to: “Educate yourself on cash and discover ways to use it as a tool. I need to teach you how to direct your price range so that your loss of finances now does not direct you. Often, the individuals who lack are the ones who have made money an idol. Fear of lack, greed, and loss lie to humans into casting off their religion. And without faith, it’s far not possible to delight Me. Faith is usually released with expectancy for goodness. I need to educate you that cash matters and money topics are often avoided, particularly by folks ruled via it. I want you to be in the price of your cash in place of letting your cash be in the rate of you.”

At different times, God offers advice on how to expand a better relationship with Him. In the section titled “How to Give Me Your Whole Heart,” the instructions are to:

  1. Lay down all worry, worry, tension, and stress.
  2. Listen for My voice, often with sensitivity to My Spirit.

Three. Give Me your hopes and dreams, and I will bring them to pass with My will to bless your obedience.

  1. Give Me your dependence by using strolling inside the Spirit.

Five. Search yourself constantly to be positive that your motivation is usually natural.

Other passages are very poetic. For example:

Do you need My peace?

Let Me develop your staying power.

Do you want My expertise?

Ask for it every day, and I will solution you with its blessing.

Do you want more love?

Give away what you have got been given, and it’s going to grow in you.

As a delivered benefit, the return of the ebook contains stories from Nathan approximately exceptional occasions that have taken place in his life, reminiscent of God trying out Abraham by telling him to sacrifice Isaac. For instance, many fine watches have come into Nathan’s ownership, however never all of a sudden. Once Nathan acquired an eye fixed, God might inform him to provide it to a person else. Nathan turned into surprised but obeyed, and then an excellent better watch would abruptly display up in his life, simplest to have Nathan additionally provide it away, and so on. And this failed to just show up with watches, however with motors and boats also!

ONE: The Power of Unity is a real testimony to the superb matters that can show in our lives while we take the time no longer best to talk to God but to listen. It will make you want to reinvigorate your relationship with God, and all that takes is a willing ear.

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